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Top 10 Coffee Shops in Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska's love for coffee, especially during the long and chilly winter months with below-zero temperatures, is deeply rooted in the culture and lifestyle of the state. It gives us that feeling of warmth, comfort and an energy boost for social gatherings, offering a variety of brews and local flavors helping us survive the darkness!

  1. Kaladi Brothers Coffee: A local favorite with several locations in Anchorage. They offer a variety of coffee blends and a cozy atmosphere.

  2. SteamDot Coffee Company: Known for their high-quality coffee, SteamDot is popular among coffee enthusiasts. They have a focus on artisanal coffee.

  3. Dark Horse Coffee Company: A trendy spot offering a range of coffee beverages and a unique atmosphere.

  4. Side Street Espresso: A charming and quirky coffee shop in downtown Anchorage, known for its great coffee and local art displays.

  5. Black Cup: A modern, stylish coffee shop with a focus on craft coffee. They often feature single-origin beans.

  6. Mug-Shot Coffee: A cozy neighborhood coffee shop with a friendly vibe and a variety of coffee options.

  7. Uncle Leroy's Coffee: A family-owned coffee shop known for its welcoming atmosphere and quality coffee.

  8. Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop: While primarily a bakery, Fire Island serves excellent coffee to go along with their delicious pastries.

  9. Cup'ik Coffee Company: A locally-owned coffee shop that blends modern coffee trends with Alaskan native culture.

  10. Café D'Arte: Known for their Italian-style espresso, Café D'Arte offers a taste of Europe in Anchorage.

If you are moving to Alaska, our coffee isn't just a beverage; it's an essential part of the lifestyle, offering comfort, warmth, and community during the long and frigid winter months. It's a way for us Alaskans to cope with the challenges of winter and appreciate the beauty of our unique environment.

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